• We now offer financing over a period of up to 12 months with no interest

  • No surprises as you can now see the balance of what you owe

  • No penality for advance payments


  • Online pre-approval with completion in-store

  • Applies to regularly priced products only

  • Minimum purchase of $599.99 (before taxes) is required

Click HERE to request a Pre-Approval.


  • Purchase is completely paid for after 6 equal payments. 0% interest.
  • Purchase is completely paid for after 12 equal payments. 0% interest.

Provide the requested information. Pre-approval is very fast!

Come see us in-store with your pre-approved credit in order to finalize the purchase.

*Don't forget to bring your ID and specimen cheque.

Pay at your own pace, but take advantage of things now!

Find out if you're approved in seconds. No obligation, no commitment.



BicyclesMcW and Desjardins AccordD are pleased to offer Financing Plans to launch the 2019 season.


Effective from: MARCH 23rd to JUNE 30, 2019


Plan # 1: 6 equal payments, no interest


Plan # 2: 12 equal payments, no interest


Plan # 3: 36 equal payments, at 8.9% interest


[NOTE: With a minimum purchase of $599.99 (before taxes). If you already have a VISA Desjardins credit card, no application is required (your AccordD limit is already available). If you do not have a VISA Desjardins credit card, you can appy in store and get an approval in minutes.]



In a couple of words, applying for FINANCING from Desjardins AccordD is:

  • Fast: The processing of the request is pretty much completed in minutes;

  • Simple: A single monthy payment that includes the minimum payment due on your VISA Desjardins credit card (current purchases); and

  • Flexible: With numerous repayment options being available, you can repay the principal of the FINANCING before maturity without penalty, at any time.

For more information:

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